“Strengthen, Lengthen, Balance Body Muscles”



Essential Mat    10:00am

Beginner Mat  11:00am

Beginner Mat    5:30pm

Essential/Intermediate Misc.    6:30pm

Stability    7:30pm


Beginner/Essential    5:30pm


Essential Mat/Band    10:00am

Beginner Mat/Band    11:00am


Intermediate Mat/Misc.    10:00am

Arc Barrel    6:00pm

Beginner Arc Barrel    7:00pm


Intermediate/Advanced Mat    10:00am

Beginner Mat    11:00am

Basic Ballroom Dance    12:00pm


** Please contact the studio to reserve your spot in a class as space is limited.  Schedule subject to change.  

The following is our current schedule of group classes.  View descriptions for information about all classes or click on individual class names for a description of that class only  Please note: It is recommended that you consult with, and receive the consent of your physician before starting any exercise program.

Registration:  Call or E-mail us to check on space availability or request an orientation or private session (901-674--1679).

Class length:  55 minutes

Class size:  Maximum of 10 students

Fees: Introductory Special $30

  Includes one (1) orientation session, one (1) private session, and one (1) group session.

Group Sessions  (paid by the month):

1 group per week : $65 for the month

2 group per week:  $85 for the month.

3 group per week:  $110 for the month

Month will start on date of first group session (February 16th to March 16th)